Read about recent changes, updates and improvements at Embrace Care Management.


Way to Go Gloria & Sandy!

photoAt Embrace, we love to hear about touching success stories with our team members and the clients we are blessed to work with. We recently heard from a husband of one of our clients about a great day his wife had had. "Today Sandy (Managed Care Companion) helped Gloria with her bath, getting dressed and ready to go to her day program. They had extra time and Sandy was going to make a pan of apple slices. Gloria helped make them! Gloria has not done any baking in two years, but with Sandy's coaching, Gloria took over and had a very successful outcome. Gloria was so proud of what she could do with Sandy's guidance!"


Corporate Pilot

The employee led Family Caregiver Network of Kimberly-Clark Corporation has contracted with Embrace for Geriatric Care Management pilot for a group of their employees. Employees who are coping with the responsibilities of caregiving often need to turn down promotions, miss work, and/or are distracted while at work. By providing a Care Manager, employees have an expert to help them through the often difficult caregiving journey, thus improving their ability to perform work duties. Embrace is excited about this opportunity and congratulates the Family Caregiver Network and Kimberly-Clark for their forward thinking on this very real workplace dilemma.


Services Company of the Year

Embrace TeamSheboygan Chamber of Commerce recently awarded us with the prestigious Services Company of the Year award. We are very honored! It was a great night shared with several members of our management team, as well as, several of our long time Managed Care Companions.

"... our winner sets the standard - and they set it high. They started in 2007 providing geriatric care management and were referring to other agencies for caregiving services. Three years ago, they added that service to their offerings. Since then, the company has seen a continued rate of growth. Through these changes, they've maintained their high standard of service and even purchased a new building in 2013. By offering competitive wages for caregivers, listening to employees' concerns and recognizing accomplishments, they have consistently retained employees who deliver the level of service their clients deserve"