Frequently Asked Questions

Finding a new living situation can be an overwhelming task; but no need to worry our Care Managers have helped many clients and families through this process. What makes Embrace Care Management service so unique is the fact that we first will complete an assessment and then provide a comparison of specific housing options based on needs, wants and finances. 

We understand how difficult it is to see someone you care about in this state. There are many factors that could be related to these feelings so a thorough assessment by a trained professional is so important. Contact us at (920) 451-6228 to schedule an assessment.

We are fortunate Sheboygan County offers numerous services. Quality of life means different things to different people. Embrace’s Care Managers are diligent in finding the answer to this question and will work to match the right services with our client. Our Embrace Care Managed Care Companions often are able to help in this area as well. 

You bet! Embrace’s Care Managers find that attending appointments and acting as an advocate is one of our most commonly used (and appreciated) services.

Home safety is reviewed and evaluated in our assessment process. If safety concerns are identified during the assessment, we will make specific recommendations on solutions to address those issues.

Of course! Even if you did not yet have an agency in place, our Care Managers will talk through various options. We do not require the use of our Managed Care Companions, we believe in choice.

This is a common question and has many people confused.  We often get asked which is better for me? Many factors determine the answer. We would be happy to give you guidance. Contact us at (920) 451-6228 to set up an appointment.

Embrace Care Managers can assist in getting prescription refills, following up on new physician orders and assisting in set up. Over the years we have found individualized systems to improve compliance. Our Managed Care Companions can assist in medication reminders.

With an assessment from Embrace! Contact us at (920) 451-6228 to set up an appointment.

This is such an important question. As part of our Care Management assessment, we help to ensure that all of these important s are valid and up-to-date. 

We understand the challenges of being far from the person you love. Embrace Care Managers keep in contact with you through phone calls and/or emails. The families we work with regularly express their appreciation of having those updates when they cannot be present.

Our goal at Embrace is to reduce the incidences of emergencies by doing assessments and being proactive. But, unfortunately accidents happen and emergency room evaluations are needed. We have a Care Manager available 24 hours a day 7 days a week who can assist in these situations. Our clients are extremely grateful to see a familiar face who can advocate for them when they are in these stressful situations. 

Privacy Policy

Contact information we collect will be used for initial contact of clients/community partners.  We do not sell or share contact information for marketing purposes.